working with sunpet

24/7 production

Our production lines never stand still. They are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet we never lose focus of our responsibility as manufacturer of packaging for our products.

Work environment

We offer a professional and challenging work environment in a continuously growing market in all plants and head office situated at Silvassa, Dadra, Umbergaon, Haridwar and Mumbai in India.

Tradition, experience and continuity

We are a company with a long tradition and therefore outstanding competence and extensive experience. Long-serving employees are a reflection of our workforce’s loyalty to our organization.

Health and well-being

As an one of the leading manufacturer of PET packaging industry in India we want to make a contribution to improving health and well-being of our employees and society.

Opportunities and support

We make targeted investments in our employees with the aim of offering the right career opportunities to people who know what they want and have the passion and determination to achieve it.

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